July 23 2024 Foodservice Fundamentals

July 23 2024 Foodservice Fundamentals
The foodservice industry is evolving and our industry can no longer be inwardly focused. The 2024 Foodservice Fundamentals provides a primer on not only the industry, but the consumers and operators that create and drive demand. The program’s new data and fast-paced training will provide attendees increased understanding of the new foodservice landscape to aid in strategy development as well as sales/marketing plans.


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Course Details:

The 1-day training in downtown Chicago will give you the very latest on the food-away-from-home industry including how segments and processes are defined, how product flows through the supply chain, and how buyers are making decisions.

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Looking for customized training? IFMA can customize Foodservice Fundamentals for your team! 


For customized training details & information, contact programs@ifmaworld.com

IFMA Education Center (IFMA Offices, Suite #2250) 180 N Stetson Ave. Chicago, IL 60601 UNITED STATES
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