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The Industry of Choice


The IFMA Education Foundation’s Trustees are guiding research to determine how to make Foodservice the Industry of Choice, with a primary focus on the challenges and ability to attract the next generation of talent required to sustain and assure the future of your companies. To accomplish this, the Trustees have engaged Technomic to conduct research with current university students, university administrators/influencers, as well as people like you, current members of the industry.  

We aim to demonstrate to students how current members of the foodservice manufacturer community got where they are today.  We want to illustrate that the industry offers opportunities for all skill sets, degrees, and backgrounds. Please help us to do that by taking 5-7 minutes to fill out our survey!


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Your responses are anonymous and will only be used in aggregate. We will combine the insights from this survey with the insights from the student/university research.

We greatly appreciate your participation by Friday, September 7. If you have any questions, please contact Kathryn Fenner, Technomic at kfenner@technomic.com.

We are interested in getting as much input as possible and would ask you to share this with members of your team to give input as well. We are looking for diversity in backgrounds, experiences and roles to give us a great feel.

We appreciate your support!