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With a fresh look and feel, our newly redesigned website allows the opportunity for members to search and navigate through IFMA’s extensive resources with ease. We have created a user-friendly browsing experience that will get you the industry and IFMA information you need.

We encourage you to visit and explore www.IFMAworld.com, create an account, and uncover the amazing benefits your membership provides.


Fresh on IFMA

Tune in regularly to get the most up-to-date news and industry trends in Fresh on IFMA. Fresh on IFMA will feature videos, blogs, press releases, news articles and more.



Do you need insights and best practices to help bring profitable solutions to your business? Check out our Resources section where you’ll find cutting edge research, whitepapers, best practice worksheets, videos and much more to help you grow your business. You’ll have the ability to filter by topic and format or by using the search box on the page, providing you with the ability to narrow down your search easier than ever before.

*To view all resources, login with your email and password in the top right corner of IFMAworld. Forgot your password? Click the 'Forgot My Password' option for assistance.



Whether industry-wide conferences, one-day trainings, or hour-long webinars, mark your calendars for the opportunity to learn, network and build meaningful business relationships. IFMA’s signature events bring foodservice leaders together to discuss the industry’s most critical issues.


Membership Benefits 

New to IFMA? Learn how IFMA can provide return on investment for you and your organization.



Stay up-to-date on IFMA’s insights and best practice initiatives, which provide members the opportunity to access affordable cutting-edge research at a fraction of the cost, and deliver the tools and resources to better their businesses. 



Interested in seeing full presentations or listening to podcasts on the most critical issues impacting our industry? Tune into IFMATV to access these insights. And while you’re on the page, check out our newest channel, Strategic Business Solutions, featuring our partners PROS and HAVI.


Social Media

IFMAworld now contains integrated social media buttons for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This feature is available on Fresh on IFMA and IFMA TV so you can directly share the latest news and videos with your colleagues!


IFMA continues to serve our membership by providing a path to success through Connectivity, Insights and Best Practices. On October 12th we will be holding a webinar to take a deeper dive and explore the new website future. Check back soon for registration/information.

We hope you enjoy the new website!