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Create a Winning Silver Plate Award Nomination

Establishing strong relationships with your customers is only possible if you have a thorough understanding of their business and needs. Staying in tune with the issues your customers are facing will better enable you to be in the position to provide solutions to their problems. That's why the IFMA Silver Plate Award nomination process can be an incredibly powerful tool.

As the nominator of a winning award recipient, your company will be associated with all of the 2022 Gold & Silver Plate Awards winner promotions, communications, and honors—ensuring you are associated with industry excellence and demonstrating your support of the operator community. See the 2021 Gold & Silver Plate Award recipients and nominators now.

Here are some tips to help you submit a winning nomination:

  • Carefully choose your candidate’s category after reviewing the category definitions. Click here to view definitions and awards criteria.
  • Complete all necessary information on the form. No attachments or collateral documents will be considered.
  • Include as much detailed information about the candidate as possible. Don't be afraid to do research! If possible, contact someone at the nominee's company to gather more information. 
  • When listing information, be as specific and concise for all nomination fields. For example, if you are describing how your nominee is highly successful in marketing and menu development, please state the impact of his/her efforts as well, highlighting appropriate areas such as revenue increases, cost savings, traffic increases, etc.
  • Bring your candidate to life! Paint a compelling picture of your candidate as a leader and innovator. Remember to include all of their professional achievements for the Selection Jury considering many candidates.
  • If you need support writing your nominination, contact an IFMA Associate member who specializes in marketing communications for assistance. 

Prepare by previewing the nomination questions and dowloading a sample nomination below. 

How to Submit Your Nomination

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NOTE: You will be able to save your form and work on it later. Make sure to submit it prior to the deadline of December 31, 2021.

If you have any questions about the Gold & Silver Plate Awards, contact Mike Schwartz. We look forward to receiving your nomination!