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Armada Supply Chain Solutions: Armada’s origins in the foodservice industry began in the 1890s as a meat packing company established by the Hofmann family on the North Side of Pittsburgh, PA. From the very beginning, the company delivered quality products to its customers.

Over the years, the company has provided innovative products for its customers and eventually broadened its operations into supply chain operations and logistics management, where it led a series of landmark undertakings that have changed the way the industry operates today. It is that culture of innovation, leadership, and extraordinary service and commitment to clients that is the foundation of Armada’s core operating principles. 

Armada combines in-depth experience with proprietary technology to create more transparent, efficient, cost-effective supply chains for their clients. From lethargic to agile, from reactive to proactive, Armada is changing how supply chains are managed.


ArrowStream, a Chicago, Illinois based company, was founded 18 years ago. The landscape back then was much different from a supply chain standpoint than it is today. Supply chains were changing. They were impacting customers more directly. They were becoming a tangible competitive difference, driving top line growth. At the same time, supply chain costs were growing more unpredictable, and the complexity of supply networks was escalating rapidly.

In 2000 the owner of ArrowStream began assembling operations and technology experts to make his company work. He sought creative thinkers and real-world pragmatists, people who were stubborn in the face of challenges, and open to questioning the status quo.

Today the promise of the company’s original vision is realized every day by their growing family of customers, from small brands to some of the largest supply chains in North America. They are the engine for the company’s innovation. ArrowStream is passionate about their businesses, and focused every day on their successes.


Louisa Foods, which was started more than 50 years ago in St. Louis, Missouri, has committed their organization with a passion to make first rate filled pastas and appetizers. They execute this goal by filling the pastas with fresh in-house prepared ingredients and dough. This simple but strong ideology is what launched Louisa Foods in 1964.  Louisa found initial success by supplying local St. Louis restaurateurs with their signature product, the Toasted Beef Ravioli. They are owned and operated by the Baldetti family and a fine group of people.

After 50 years of experience and continuous growth, Louisa Foods has evolved into one of the larger manufacturers of filled pastas in the United States. By holding true to the same culinary and business operating principles, Louisa Foods is able to live up to that simple idea of filling pasta with passion every single day.


Neoway is located in New York, NY. The organization takes pride in solving real problems for companies that need to sell more and lose less. Neoway uses Big Data as a tool for discovering market opportunities, empowering nontechnical users to navigate massive databases, and making strategic data-driven decisions more confidently. One of the areas of strength for Neoway is prospecting and market intelligence. Here is where the company Gets to know the their client portfolio in depth and define the ideal customer profile before prospecting

The company boasts more than 3,000 databases in 600 different sources organized in a PaaS (Platform as a Service) or Subscription Platform, which compiles, organizes, and offers a user-friendly interface to navigate and extract valuable insights without having a technical background.


Revelry Group is a certified b corp specializing in delivering marketing and communications services, curated exchanges experiences, and innovative products to companies operating in the food, beverage and hospitality industries.

Revelry uses the power of business, as a force for good, to drive results across three core practice areas Marketing Communications, Shelf -Stable beverages and exchange experiences. We welcome Yah! Shelf-stable beverages as a member.

  • Yah! Shelf-stable beverages: reduce spoilage and resulting inventory outages, minimize food safety risk and free up valuable storage by moving to shelf–stable milk and milk alternative beverages. Tastes as great as refrigerated—with better economic