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Bonduelle is a French family-run company that leads the world in ready-to-use vegetables. Founded in 1853 by Louis Bonduelle, their group feeds over 100 countries with healthy vegetables preserved using natural processes. Everything they do follows the values that have driven them since their company’s creation and throughout their development. Within the U.S., they provide fresh produce products, branded and private label, within the foodservice and retail channels.

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GFF Inc. develops salad dressings, mustards, and sauces that combine flavor, mouthfeel, and experience all in one bite. This passion, to add flavor to any dish, has made the company unique in its position in the market. The quality of GFF Inc’s ingredients is unmatched. Every recipe is carefully formulated with the same focus on flavor and freshness the founders had over 80 years ago.

GFF Inc’s product development teams work on hundreds of new formulas every year, including non-GMO, vegan, plant-based, and Kosher options. They then work with culinary Chefs to create unique recipes to capture their variety of flavors.

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NUMU is re-inventing the food service plant-based cheese category. They've created the only vegan mozzarella that tastes like dairy mozzarella - with a great texture, terrific melt, and a taste that consumers love. Vegan, flexitarian, and dairy free consumers are estimated to represent over 30% of the population and are driving exploding interest in plant-based cheeses - especially when eating out of home.

NUMU vegan mozzarella allows you to appeal to this growing audience with a premier product that can be used on a pizza or other dishes. Not only do they have a superior product but they also aim to be a world-class partner to food service operators and distributors. They are competitively-priced, are easy to work with, and seek innovative ways to drive business for operators.

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Rise Baking Company believes the joy of baked goods and desserts have always brought people together. By focusing on the future of those traditions, they can keep your customers coming back. Some of their extensive capabilities include Cakes, Cookies, Brownies, Muffins, Laminated Dough and Crispy Bars as well as dessert ingredients such as Icings, Fillings, Glazes, Whipped Toppings and Dessert Toppings. They have the experience and expertise to get in front of your business challenges. After all, Rise is a company built on elevating expectations. It’s what sets them apart from others in the baking industry and why they are dedicated to putting your success above all else.

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