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Participating in the IFMA Distributor Awards program is one of the best ways for members to maximize participation at one of IFMA’s largest events. Nominating a distributor is a significant opportunity to build customer relations, gain national exposure and serve as an important advocate for the foodservice industry.

The Distributor Awards are presented each year at Presidents Conference. The awards acknowledge distributor leadership and overall excellence within the foodservice industry. They also give IFMA an opportunity to share its sincere appreciation for the integral role distributors play in the foodservice channel.

Nominations are now open and being accepted in the following categories:


Excellence in Distribution Award 

Recognizes a corporate or independent distribution organization that has demonstrated excellence in the categories of management and leadership, customer relations, supplier relations and industry/community contributions.


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Distributor Sales & Marketing Performance Award

Recognizes a single independent distributor or an individual operating company of a distributor with multiple locations that has demonstrated successful planning and execution of creative sales and marketing.


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Following is an overview of the key benefits when a Distributor you nominate wins an IFMA Award:

  • Build Customer Relations - Winning candidates are honored during IFMA’s Presidents Conference. An exclusive video documenting each winner’s accomplishments are shown at the conference, right before the award is presented to your customer.
  • Gain Industry-Wide Exposure - If your nominee wins an award, your company’s name will be presented along with the winner in front of an audience of executive-level decision-makers who represent chain operators, manufacturers, distributors and other industry partner companies. In addition, nominating companies will also be included in a host of other promotional materials.
  • Advocate for the Industry - IFMA Awards provide opportunities to showcase how the foodservice industry continues to bring excellence to distributors. Nominating a company for an award gives you, too, an opportunity to be recognized as an advocate for the industry, which helps generate good will and more favorable business operations with all companies within the foodservice supply chain.

Use these tips to help you prepare a strong nomination:

  • All nominations must be submitted via the online surveys and must be received no later than Friday, August 16, 2019
  • The distributor must be nominated by an IFMA manufacturing company
  • Choose your candidate's category carefully after reviewing the category definitions above. 
  • Stay within the allotted space on the survey. No attachments or collateral documents will be considered. 
  • Include as much information about the candidate as possible. Remember, achievements that you consider obvious may not be obvious to the Jury considering many candidates. 
  • When listing information, be as specific and succinct as possible.


Completing an IFMA Distributor Award nomination is a simple process, but the information you provide is very important. A jury will evaluate the nomination on the merit of the criteria that you share in the online survey. 

For more information on IFMA’s Distributor Awards Nominations, contact Christine Stepanski.