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Passion and Culinary Expertise Since 1905                                   

At Boar's Head, we pride ourselves on being master artisans in the food industry. We still focus on using only premium cuts of meat, skillfully hand-trimmed and hand-crafted, just like we have been doing for over 110 years.

Why Chefs and Operators Prefer Boar's Head Products:     

Quality: Our meats, cheeses, condiments and hummus contain no gluten, artificial colors or flavors, no MSG added, no by-products, fillers, or trans fat.*

Authentic Flavors: Products made of only the finest ingredients and spices sourced from around the globe.

Nutrition and Wellness: We are proud to work with the American Heart Association® in its Food Certification Program and others.

Best in Class Service: Uncompromised delivery service and customer attention provided by a strong local purveyor network.

Innovation: We offer a wide variety of products that allow Chefs to be creative and stay on top of trends by leveraging our unique bold flavors and solutions.

*No trans-fat from partially hydrogenated oils. 




Christian Hansen - Natural Colors

We develop and produce natural colors for the food industry. Our colors originate from natural sources like berries, roots and seeds, and we are global frontrunners in encapsulation and stabilization techniques.

Christian Hansen is a global bioscience company that develops natural solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. We have been around since 1874 and have more than 3,000 dedicated employees in more than 32 countries. As a company we aim to deliver innovative natural solutions that advance food, health and productivity for the benefit of us all. We develop and produce cultures, enzymes, probiotics and natural colors for a rich variety of foods, confectionery, beverages, dietary supplements and even animal feed and plant protection.

Millions can't be wrong. 

More than 1 billion people around the world consume our natural ingredients every day. There's a good chance that you had a bite of Chr. Hansen this morning.


The Emmi Group is the largest Swiss milk processor and one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe. From the beginning, Emmi has been a passionate supporter of farmers, cheesemakers, and family tradition.

Emmi USA focuses on artisan cave-aged cheese and rich, warm fondues as well as traditional and exclusive cheeses from Switzerland. The core of Emmi’s tradition centers on the highest quality standards leading to a truly superior taste experience.



Founded in 2001, Javo is an extraction company that uses a proprietary process to produce fresh, clean-labeled coffee, tea and botanical extracts for the food and beverage industry. Our Master Extractors use pure ingredients to craft products for global and emerging brands.




The Lindsay brand of products is synonymous with quality and service. More than 100 years of harvesting California olives, and more recently olive oil and almonds, has taught us a lot about where quality comes from. It comes from working hard alongside people we consider family, innovating the most efficient harvesting process in the industry, and a passion for producing the best tasting products in the world.

We offer a full line of ripe and specialty olives, from Black Ripe and Sicilians to Spanish and Kalamatas. Each of these olives adds even more flavor to a perfect meal.




Sweet is always better when it's wholesome.

In 2001, we committed to this simple promise. And we've been pouring our hearts into it ever since-making organic, better-for-you products that sweeten moments for you as they sweeten lives for others. The result? Wholesome sugars, honeys and treats that are more than delicious-they're mindfully delicious. Here's how we deliver on our promise to you.

Real Taste. We only use real and recognizable ingredients. Nothing artificial. Our organic growing practices ensure that every drop, spoonful and snack tastes as it should.

True Choices. We believe in giving you better choices. All of our products are non-GMO and free from harmful additives. And we are committed to creating even more gluten-free, allergy-friendly and better-for-you options that don't sacrifice taste.

Promise for a Better World. We couldn't bring you mindfully delicious treats without our farmers and beekeepers. So we worked to ensure they get a fair price for their crops and pioneered sustainably grown and responsibly harvested standards for sugar and honey. Some consider this Fair Trade. We simply consider it fair. Because it truly empowers our partners with life-changing resources to help their communities-from building schools for kids to making sure families can get the medical care they need.

Real taste. Better-for-you choices. A more responsible way of working. These are the things that make our products mindfully delicious. Join us to make life a little sweeter for all.




Vistex provides enterprise solutions that manage pricing, incentive, rebate, royalty and channel programs to enhance business performance of foodservice industry companies. Our software and services empower enterprises with unprecedented visibility into program performance to gain deeper insights and enable fact-based decisions that drive revenue, control cost, minimize leakage, and streamline processes.

As business becomes increasingly global and interconnected, companies are challenged in formulating and executing Go-to-Market programs while obtaining a holistic view of program success. Vistex brings back balance, providing exceptional visibility into the breadth and depth of Go-to-Market programs, enabling businesses with more insightful information. For both on- and off-premise consumption, Vistex's support of complex pricing scenarios across all channels of business are unparalleled in today's market place.