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Each month we highlight the newest companies that make up IFMA's diverse membership community. This month, Bakery de France, Owner Resource Group, Q1 Consulting and iTradeNetwork LLC joined IFMA. Read on to learn more about each of their organizations.




Bakery de France: Founded in 1986, Bakery de France has long been famous for its high quality breads. It began as a small local operation in the diverse Washington, DC area, serving mainly hotels and restaurants. Throughout history, baking has been considered a celebrated and distinguished trade. At Bakery de France, they regard baking as both a science and an art, a philosophy reflected in their commitment to preserving the values and traditions of artisan baking. It begins with selecting only the finest, all-natural ingredients for their responsible manufacturing process. These choice ingredients are processed in a room-temperature environment, allowing the dough to evolve freely and rise naturally. Bakery de France’s all-new, environmentally friendly production facility is a further reflection of their philosophy of remaining as close to nature as possible. At Bakery de France, bread truly is their passion.




Owner Resource Group: Owner Resource Group is a private investment firm founded to bring superior enduring results to privately held businesses. The company partners with business owners and management teams leveraging their shared values to help the customer base pursue unique objectives and accelerate the growth of each client in a disciplined manner. The company’s core values focus on Trust, Transparency, Collaboration and Flexibility. By analyzing each of these values for their customers, Owner Resource Group believes that they have a better understanding of their client’s business.



Q1 Consulting helps food industry manufacturers and restaurant operators develop proven business strategies, fueled by expert foodservice and consumer research and analysis. Q1 Consulting works closely with each client, customizing their approach to best address the client’s specific needs and challenges. The result? A robust understanding of market trends and players that informs a strategic path for achieving specific goals.

Q1 Consulting LLC is a division of Q1 Productions, a leader in conference production, dedicated to equipping participants with the educational resources to excel in their career and industry.





iTradeNetwork is a global provider of supply chain management solutions for the food and beverage industry. iTradeNetwork brings simplicity and agility to complex supply chains with their cloud-based software. iTradeNetwork is used by leading retailers, operators, grower-shippers, manufacturers and distributors, and every day more than 10,000 companies log into the iTradeNetwork platform.

The single most important belief when iTradeNetwork was founded in 1999, and still have today, is that collaboration is the key to achieving supply chain excellence. The easier iTradeNetwork makes it for trading partners to interact with each other, exchange data and stay in sync throughout their business interactions, the more efficient each partner will operate. Enabling collaboration was what their original trading network was all about, and it is core to every solution they offer.