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Each month IFMA highlights the newest companies that make up our diverse membership community. 

Welcome IFMA's New Manufacturer Members

Atalanta is a global family-owned food importer, specializing in meats, cheeses, groceries and frozen seafood. Their product range has the versatility to meet the requirements of every market, from commodity to specialty. Atalanta is a part of the GGG Corporation. The Gellert Global Group is proud to be home to a group of the largest and most established food importers in the U.S.

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Hero Bread™ is a San Francisco-based food technology company that makes real bread with zero to one net carb per serving. On a quest to make humans healthier and happier by reinventing bread and baked goods, Hero Bread™ products are just as tasty as the original but with 0-1g net carb, 0g sugar, and fewer calories and more protein and fiber than traditional bread products.

Led by Founder and Chief Executive Officer Cole Glass, Hero Bread has raised over $30M to date and is backed by a roster of strategic investors as well as seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman's Thirty-Five Ventures, Diamond-selling artist The Weeknd, and multi-platinum artist Lil Baby. Hero Bread products are available nationally.

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ILLES Foods is a nearly 100-year-old food manufacturing company based in Dallas-Fort Worth area, Texas. From marinades and seasonings to beverage solutions and sauces, they provide custom-crafted culinary creations and R&D expertise to foodservice chains, food manufacturers, and grocery retailers. The values they’ve learned and lived since 1927 — trust, food safety, excellence, creativity, teamwork, and giving back to the community — motivate their people to help their customers be better with them than without them, and are the driving forces behind their growth. Cristin Illes Kahale is the CEO of ILLES Foods. She represents the fourth generation at the family owned and operated company, and her role is particularly striking in the Food and Beverage Manufacturing industry where female CEOs are rare.

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As a leader and innovator in the snack food industry, J&J Snack Foods provides nutritious and affordable branded niche snack foods to foodservice and retail supermarket outlets across the U.S. Its products include such icons as SUPERPRETZEL and ICEE, fan favorites like Luigi’s Italian Ice, The Funnel Cake Factory Funnel Cakes, and Tio Pepe’s Churros, as well as a host of other products spanning the baked goods, frozen beverage and frozen novelties category.

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PURENorway water is amongst the cleanest in the world, with perfect, NATURALLY aligned PH value between 7,1 - 7,3. Captured at source from the ancient glacial belts of Norway, the water is filtered through pure marble, low in mineral content and has a crispy and remarkably fresh taste. PURENorway’s quality water is captured in a light aluminum can, environmentally friendly, recycled and recyclable.

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Welcome IFMA's New Associate Member

Pepper is building the digital OS for the food supply chain. Their eCommerce platform enables food distributors to find new customers, deepen relationships, grow revenue, and run more efficiently.

Started by the team that took Uber Eats from a small experiment to a billion-dollar business, they’re more excited than ever about building the technology that unlocks the food industry's full potential.

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