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Megan Friedline is a 2022 IFMA Education Foundation scholarship recipient. She attends the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY and is studying baking and pastry. 



Megan's story:

“I was born a farmer’s daughter. My childhood is filled with so many experiences with agriculture and animals that it always catches me off-guard to meet others who lack the same understanding of where their food comes from. But with that background, I have been able to educate people a little bit about how food travels to any given plate.  

Although she always loved baking and had often thought of it as a possible career, Megan took a traditional academic route to college and graduated in 2020. As she explains: 

 “Then Covid-19 hit in the final semester of college. The graduating class of 2020 fell to the wayside as the world shut down. Jobs that I had been in the process of applying for vanished overnight.” 

Megan returned home and took a series of jobs in foodservice to get through the pandemic, but opportunities seemed to always fall through: 

"Devastated, I made a list of what options I had. One was the dream of my childhood. So, I filled out a few applications for culinary schools while renewing my own passion at home with cakes, cookies, and Great British Bake-off challenges.  

“One program stood out above the rest for the people I talked with. They were so genuine in wanting me to succeed with them that I felt like I could renew my faith in education. So, I came to New York and the CIA...” 

How the scholarship will help Megan, in her own words:

The only problem was that I had a limited savings account and a whole new slew of financial burdens to take on. But the CIA has provided me with chances to connect with people like you. My time so far at the CIA has brought me great joy and opportunity not only to learn, but to meet people who are eager about my education and me...thank you for providing me with a sense of comfort and support in achieving this new chapter of my life. 

Megan's program: Associates degree in baking and pastry, Culinary Institute of America

Graduation Date: April 2023

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