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Each month IFMA highlights the newest companies that make up our diverse membership community. This month we are featuring, Blocksyte, Fifteen Agency, Kalustyan and Upfield. Take a look below and learn more about each of their organizations.




Blocksyte offers a comprehensive end to end solution unifying blockchain and RFID technologies with a proven, powerful 20 year in-market Omni-channel enterprise solution base. This fully functional solution can be integrated anywhere and provides superior insight and intelligence within supply chain logistics. The Blocksyte platform is a fully self-configurable tool with intuitive self-guided menus providing options from desired features, factors, hardware requirements to network connectivity.

The benefits to customers of Blocksyte’s platform include aiding in food and product traceability, tackle the cost of waste, more quickly identify and contain instances of food borne illnesses, prevent fraud and theft, as well as facilitate compliance with safety regulations, while meeting customer demand for transparency in the food and transportation supply-chain eco systems.  






FIFTEEN recognized the potential of Chef Andy Ruszczyk’s modern remix of his grandmother’s pierogi recipe. So they launched their own food company: Ru’s Pierogi. Within two years, they had constructed a factory, built out a food truck, placed their product with hundreds of retailers, and sold over a million pierogi at their restaurant.

In building a successful startup, FIFTEEN fostered a unique perspective and knowledge base to address the logistical challenges of the food industry.

To effectively market to the various foodservice channels, the client has to understand their operations. FIFTEEN recognizes what operators value—and how to stand out amidst the noise. All customer needs. All in-house. A full-service agency, FIFTEEN’s diverse team of strategists, artists and project managers turn any request into effective marketing and beautiful creative.



Kalustyan Corporation has been a world leader in responsibly sourced herbs and spices since 1948. When Kalustyan was founded more than 70 years ago, they made a promise to their customers that they would deliver superior ingredients without compromising safety, quality, or price. Kalustyan is proud to announce their new Castle Foods foodservice brand. Castle Foods provides the highest quality herbs, spices, and seasonings for those who love their craft.

Kalustyan has grown to represent the cutting edge of spice milling technology through its proprietary cryogenic process.  Their cryogenic milling delivers that elevated quality and flavor customers have come to expect. Kalustyan’s Quality Team performs regular audits in its state of the art laboratory to ensure all products meet customers’ high expectations. Headquartered in Union, New Jersey, Kalustyan Corporation is a family owned and operated company that employees over 300 employees worldwide.  




Upfield is a global leader in plant-based nutrition with a great history and a portfolio of iconic brands that people have used and trusted for generations. This includes Flora, Rama, Becel, Blue Band, Country Crock, I Can’t Believe it’s not Butter and ProActiv.

Upfield is a global food company with 6 business units operating in 95 markets. They have the mind-set of a start-up. This makes them fast, agile, entrepreneurial, cost conscious and accountable for their products – from seed to serving at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table.

The company takes quality seriously. Around the world, Upfield tastes products every 30 seconds. They also value their customers to the extent that more than 150 people will taste test each of their new innovations before they hit the shelves.