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Each month IFMA highlights the newest companies that make up our diverse membership community. This month we are featuring, FoodLogiQ and V&V Supremo.

FoodLogiQ® provides traceability, food safety compliance and supply chain transparency software solutions. They help restaurant operators, food retailers, consumer packaged goods companies and other food companies achieve end-to-end traceability, while supporting safe and high quality food products across the supply chain.

With FoodLogiQ’s platform, food companies can build an online supplier community, onboard suppliers all at once and stay on top of supplier audits and assessments. Manage quality incidents, report them directly to suppliers and recoup the costs of stock withdrawals. And with lot-level traceability, see exactly where your product is at all times, especially when it matters most during an investigation.


Originally from Michoacán, Mexico; Gilberto Villaseñor Sr. and Ignacio Villaseñor had the dream to go into business and serve the Mexican immigrant community of Chicago.  With only five hundred dollars that Gilberto Sr. had saved from various labors while boarding with Ignacio, they tried their hand at producing Mexican candies.

V&V Supremo® started with a single authentic Mexican-style cheese. Currently offerings include a full line of cheeses, dairy, and meat products servicing the retail, foodservice, and industrial communities.

Today the legacy continues with the second-generation. Gilberto Villaseñor II and Philip Villaseñor are the driving forces behind the company. They maintain the important legacy of core values, while introducing a steady stream of innovations through state-of-the-art technology, and progressive business practices. V&V Supremo®  is now one of the oldest continuously family-owned businesses of its kind in the United States, and they proudly carry-on with that tradition. V&V Supremo® continues to preserve and share delicious traditions of the Mexican American Kitchen as well as cuisines of the world, one dish at a time.