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Nyjia Elliott is a 2022 IFMA Education Foundation scholarship recipient. She attends the University of Illinois, Urbana and is studying Hospitality Management. 


Nyjia’s program: Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management 


Nyjia’s story:  

Throughout my years, I have noticed food service is more important than others may realize, and a huge part of me. One of the joys I receive from my major is seeing the smiles as others enjoy something my team and I have created, by delivering great service, and a great meal.  

When I graduate, I plan to pave my way into the food service industry and change the way we all handle food waste. I currently am a learning assistant intern at the university, helping students learn about food production and service. Being able to be in a position to help students learn what the industry is about is an incredible opportunity.  

I have also been working at the dining halls since my freshman year. So with being a full-time student, and working part time, I am pretty busy. 



How the scholarship will help Nyjia, in her own words: 

I am truly grateful for this scholarship, and it motivates me more to improve my GPA of 3.49 and complete my degree as best as I can.  

Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me because I will not have to worry about my financial situation. I can focus more on my studies and focus on what I love being a part of: the Food Service Industry. Trying to decide how to dispense my funds for books, tuition and fees, and apartment will not be a burden, thanks to this generous scholarship.  



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