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Each month IFMA highlights the newest companies that make up our diverse membership community. 

Welcome IFMA's New Manufacturer Member

Founded in 2001, Javo Beverage Company, Inc. are the extraction experts that use a proprietary technology and product development processes to produce fresh, clean-labeled coffee, tea and botanical extracts for the food and beverage industry. Their unique process uses purified water at much lower temperatures than traditional products capturing highly concentrated extracts without further processing required.  They simplify the preparation and eliminate inconsistencies for their customers while delivering supreme quality, minimally processed products with authentic taste and low acidity – the way cold brew should taste! Through their ongoing commitment to quality standards, they have become a valued partner to our customers.


Their Master Extractors craft products for global and emerging brands. In addition to stocked products, they offer custom flavor profiles and private-label offerings for convenience stores, gaming, coffee roasters, topical cosmeceuticals, restaurants and other retail beverage applications. Their production facilities located in Vista, Calif. and Indianapolis, Ind. are Safe Quality Foods (SQF), QAI organic and kosher certified.

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Welcome IFMA's New Associate Members

PLM TrustLink™ is committed to delivering on its promise on the 3T’s of the temperature-controlled industry with Transparency, Traceability and Trust that consumers, businesses, and regulators demand—applying technology to mark, digitize and utilize real-time data throughout the temperature-controlled supply chain.

PLM TrustLink™ is a cloud-based IoT platform consisting of comprehensive condition-monitoring track and trace solutions that digitize products in the supply chain. Providing transparency from origin to destination, they deliver value to their clients by giving them real-time actionable data on critical tracking events, temperature visibility, inventory counts, item location features, systems integrations and more.

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Lentils.org is actively working to increase the awareness and consumption of delicious and nutritious lentils in North America. High in protein and fiber, lentils are an economical and sustainable source of plant-based protein. Lentils.org looks forward to working with operators, manufacturers, and distributors to advance menu innovation using lentils as the go-to source of plant protein on menus.

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VMC Global has developed the Video Marketing Center which streamlines how manufacturers enable their distributors and channel partner to sell more of their products. The on-demand video distribution platform allows Manufacturers to easily send their product videos directly to operators or to co-brand with their distributor partners. This will increase your operator reach, deliver a consistent message, and drive case sales. You can also add quizzes, surveys, polls and the ability to download whitepapers at the end of each video amongst many other features. All of this comes with deep analytics so you will know which products are being viewed or which collateral is being clicked on.

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