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IFMA had the pleasure of hosting two students from Penn State University at our recent IFMA Gold and Silver Plate Awards Celebration. Read their words of excitement about the achievements of the Silver Plate Winners and their desire to grow and innovate the industry.


“Attending the IFMA Gold and Silver Plate Awards as a student representative was certainly an honor. Listening to the accomplishments of all of the winners that evening gave me a positive anticipation and hope for my future career in the industry. It was especially wonderful to watch one of the alums of my school, Penn State, receive the Silver Plate for the Independent Restaurant/Multi-Chain category. What I enjoyed most about the ceremony was the genuine support and comradery exhibited by everyone in the industry. I am very excited to witness and help cultivate the growth and innovation these award recipients bring to our industry.”

            -Kysesen Maravich, student at Penn State University


"It was one of my greatest pleasures to be invited to the IFMA Gold and Silver Plate Awards Celebration and meet all of the giants in our industry. Without them, we could never achieve what we have. At the reception, I networked with a lot of people and past plate winners like, Mr. Huse, the Metz Family and Mr. Roth. They did not just encourage me, but also inspired me by sharing their wisdom and experience. However, to me, the reception and dinner was not just about networking, it also presented a vision of incredible possibilities for the younger generation. In the next few decades when we take over the responsibilities of this industry, we will always remember the words and achievements of the predecessors and we will thrive to do even better."

            - Ares Shi, student at Penn State University