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Chicago, Illinois, October 23, 2018 – The International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) announced today that it will be launching a new foodservice industry best practice in defining, benchmarking and enabling Supply Chain Visibility.  IFMA once again is joining forces with Kinetic12, a food industry management consulting firm, and HAVI, a global leading supply chain management, packaging innovations and logistics company, to establish and develop these best practices along with a development board made up of chain operators, manufacturers, distributors and other subject matter experts.

This initiative is a follow up to IFMA’s initial Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) best practice and will build upon the standards and tools created by that development board in 2017.  This program, which will be led by experienced, knowledgeable partners, has received commitments from senior executives at 20 leading chain operators signed on to-date. Participating chains include Panera, Chick-fil-A, Sonic, IPC-Subway, RSI-Burger King, Brinker International, Bloomin’ Brands, Shake Shack and more.

“We are in a period of hyper focus on finding superior more effective supply chain processes. The consumer demands a safe and effective food system that we must always look for ways to improve and streamline.” said Larry Oberkfell, President and CEO of IFMA.

“Supply chain visibility is a critical issue in the foodservice industry and our goal is to help trading partners understand and manage their supply chain visibility and reduce liability and ultimately improve supply chain transparency to customers,” said Jeff Schroeder, Managing Partner at Kinetic12.

“We believe the right set of leading stakeholders are on this Board to continue the progress and conversations coming out of SCO1 and to explore the requirements, technology and connections needed to develop best practices for end-to-end supply chain visibility for our industry now and into the future,” said Ken Shearer, SVP, Marketing and Sales at HAVI.

The Development Board is currently being filled by industry leaders from all areas of the supply chain. If you have interest in developing this best practice, please join the initiative. Contact Mike Schwartz at IFMA, mike@ifmaworld.com for more details. For additional information regarding Supply Chain Optimization 2.0 please click on the link Supply Chain Optimization 2.0