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IFMA's latest whitepaper, Foodservice Distribution Disruption: Why Today’s Strategies Will Not Work Tomorrow, lays out the factors causing disruption in the marketplace and details the potential impact on distributors, manufacturers, and third-party companies. It's built on interviews with more than 30 key players, ranging from specialty distributors to large broadliners and others that are pivotal to the $271 billion food-away-from-home supply chain.


“The information we’ve compiled can help our members make sound decisions for their future,” IFMA CEO Phil Kafarakis says. “The evolution we’re seeing in the supply chain presents both hurdles and exciting possibilities for food-away-from-home manufacturers when implementing short- and long-term strategies. Having a ‘heads up’ can make a big difference when setting business goals.”


The report offers a fresh look at distribution and its evolution through four lenses:

  1. Key trends that are driving disruption in the supply chain
  2. The evolution of the food-away-from-home distribution model
  3. Disruptors entering the landscape
  4. The implications of distribution evolution and disruption on manufacturers


The whitepaper is a part of IFMA’s larger Go-to-Market Planning Program. The program creates best-in-class approaches for manufacturer companies to get their products in front of customers and consumers. 


As Perry Miele, Chair of the IFMA Go-to-Market Committee and President of Nestlé Professional explains, “This is a great example of how IFMA works to help businesses thrive and grow by providing actionable insights. This whitepaper will serve as a guide to understanding the emerging trends and their potential impact for the industry and business.”


IFMA will follow-up on the whitepaper with a playbook providing specific advice and actions that food-away-from-home manufacturers should consider as they navigate the evolving marketplace.


For more information, please contact Charlie McConnell, Senior Director, Insights & Best Practices at IFMA at charlie@ifmaworld.com.


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