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First deliverable from new Go-to-Market Planning Program Provides Actionable Resources for Foodservice Sales Leaders


CHICAGO, March 9, 2021 — The International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) announced today the launch of the Virtual Operator Engagement Toolkit, an online portal designed to give IFMA members actionable resources and best practices to execute go-to-market strategies through virtual communication channels.

Virtual communication was already growing, but the COVID-19 restrictions accelerated the need to replace face-to-face meetings. Based on hundreds of interviews with operators and manufacturers, and with the direct involvement of more than 30 sales leaders on the planning committee, the IFMA Virtual Operator Engagement Toolkit provides best practices and segment-specific recommendations for selling, prospecting, and working with customers.

The Virtual Operator Engagement Toolkit is the first deliverable from IFMA’s newly formed Go-to-Market Planning Program. The program is designed to create actionable resources, templates, and best-in-class approaches for foodservice manufacturer sales leaders.

“IFMA’s new Go-to-Market Planning Program addresses the need for a focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of foodservice manufacturers selling efforts,” said Teri Trullinger, Group Vice President of Sales for Cargill Foodservice and 2020 Program Chair. “Working together, the companies involved in the program will be able to develop, share, and implement industry best practices. In the end, this program will benefit all member companies and the customers they serve.”

Exclusive to IFMA manufacturer members, companies participating in the Go-to-Market Planning Program will co-create new best-in-class resources and tools, provide direction on industry leading and business building topics, and have exclusive access to all resources and findings.

“Go-to-market selling requirements are changing rapidly, and sales leaders are looking for practical, actionable, and useable tools that will help them succeed in this changing environment,” said Larry Oberkfell, IFMA President & CEO. IFMAs Go-to-Market Planning Program will enable our members to focus on the important issues and return unmatched ROI.”

For more information on the new IFMA Virtual Operator Engagement Toolkit and how to join the Go-to-Market Planning Program, or contact Charlie McConnell at charlie@ifmaworld.com.