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Jason Dorsey shared research findings about Millennials, unlocked hidden drivers about Millennials’ behavior, and provided insights about influencing behaviors of Millennial customers and employees.




The Millennial generation is large, important, and generally misunderstood. With almost 80 million people, Millennials are important consumers and represent over 50% of the workforce at U.S. restaurant chains. Millennials are diverse, educated, and brand loyal. But, Millennials have delayed adulthood, are averse to
responsibility and commitments, are tech dependent (not tech savvy, as most believe), and have distinct communication preferences and habits. To effectively engage Millennials as customers and employees, it is important to understand what drives this generation’s behaviors and how to communicate effectively with Millennials.

Key Takeaways

  • Two hidden drivers that have shaped Millennials’ behavior are parenting and technology.
  • Many myths and misconceptions exist about Millennials.
  • To engage and influence Millennials it is necessary to communicate effectively with them.

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