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Allison Gonzalez is a 2022 IFMA Education Foundation scholarship recipient. She attends Texas A&M University and is studying Food Science. 


Allison’s program: Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science


Allison’s story:  

I changed my major from biomedical science to food science because I realized...I want to enjoy what I will do for the rest of my foreseeable life instead of chasing a career that is stressful and not what I truly want to be....becoming a food scientist and creating a healthier food supply for everyone is now my true passion.  

To reach this goal, I have joined the food science club where I have met so many people who are very helpful and really embody the Aggie Spirit I have been told so much about. Furthermore, the president of the club introduced me to a food science professor who needed a student worker to work in his lab. He interviewed me, and, thankfully, I got a job as a student researcher in his Cereal Quality Lab where I was able to apply food science principles that I was taught in class.  

Another activity I was in was the Texas A&M Product Development Team, where a team and I were tasked to innovate food products that were already on the market and then had a chance to enter what we created into a competition. This gave me experience in working in a team and showed me how difficult it can be to improve or create a food product that already seems to exist in the market.   



How the scholarship will help Allison, in her own words: 

My plans, as of now, are to go into graduate school and get my Master’s in Food Science and eventually become a food microbiologist. This path in food science was something that I never looked into before, but when I did, I knew this was a career I would love to make my goal.  

The only thing stopping me was the issue of money, yet this scholarship I was honored to receive will help me get one step closer to [my] degree and career. This scholarship has alleviated some burdens I did not realize I had and I want to give a sincere thank you to you for it. It does go a long way, and I will make sure to do the scholarship justice. 


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