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At the top of operators’ pain points? Labor costs. Labor-related issues represent the single biggest challenge operators face. Labor will absolutely impact the strategies and direction your customers take in the future. Supply-chain partners who can offer solutions to address labor are more likely to drive profitable sales. Success can move a supplier from a transactional vendor into a collaborative partner.

It’s not just about minimum wage; the availability of quality labor is as big, or bigger, of a challenge as the cost of labor. Employment at 10 year lows has led to less skilled labor available and the rate of turnover is increasing, further driving the need for simplification. Restaurants are proactively raising wages even in areas without legislated challenge (as a way to attract talent).



Food costs have cushioned restaurant profits the last two years; food inflation is coming and now labor will start to greatly impact your customer’s profits. So what are operators working on to get in front of profit headwinds? Simplifying back of house, technology in front and back of house, and automation.

Join Ross Walthall, Director of Foodservice at Cleveland Research Company, as he shares best practices in how to be a partner, not a vendor, as your customers face labor-related issues.

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