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Dear Fellow IFMA Member,


It has been my profound honor to serve as IFMA Chairman for 2017. This year IFMA members had access to the tools and resources critical to helping us all address key issues we face every day. IFMA worked with all industry constituents to create content and networking opportunities offered nowhere else.


Highlights include:

  • Supply Chain Optimization Committee – Comprised of 15 chain operators plus 35 manufacturers & distributors, we developed industry best practices in delivering product to the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity. 
    • Supply Chain best practice training will roll out in 2018
  • Consumer Planning – Nearly 30 manufacturers now participate to drive cost-effective consumer research exclusive to IFMA members.  Topics include consumer satisfaction with on-site/non-commercial segments, generational needs/trends, and emerging concepts and disruptors.
  • Gen Y & Z Insights – Speakers and proprietary studies throughout the year helped clarify strategies to attract these industry-shaping demographics.
  • Networking Events – Presidents Conference and COEX delivered exceptional insights and offered personal connections with large customers.


The best is yet to come!  Going forward, IFMA has formed three strike teams comprised of IFMA members to define the model and strategic considerations for manufacturers in:

Consumer Path-to-Consumption
Operator Landscape
Go-To-Market Options


This is IFMA thought leadership! The output from these teams in 2018 will shape your company strategies for years to come. With your continued support and involvement in this and many other IFMA initiatives, your company and our industry will thrive.

Based on the value IFMA generates, I respectfully ask you to renew your membership and continue to shape the future.

If you would like additional detail on the future of the Association, please feel free to contact me or Larry Oberkfell, President/CEO of IFMA.


Very Respectfully,

Kevin Delahunt


Food Service & Ingredients Division

Sargento Foods Inc.