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Jeff Metz, President & CEO of Metz Culinary Management, received the 2017 Silver Plate Award in the Business & Industry/Foodservice Management category. Nominated by Basic American Foods.



What do you enjoy most about your career in foodservice?

I really enjoy serving people and making them happy through great food and excellent service.  It also means a lot to be in the fortunate position of creating wonderful opportunities for OTHERS … mentoring and helping them to grow.

Tell us about your biggest career accomplishment.

I think the greatest accomplishment of my career is simply to be where I am today – able to lead a company I love with values I believe in, while helping our team members achieve their own accomplishments and satisfactions.

How is your segment making a difference for the foodservice industry?

We work hard to take great care of our partners’ guests every day by providing high quality restaurant-caliber food with real convenience and at great prices.  Our goal each day is simple: to improve the way people eat by using fresh ingredients, preparing the food in front of them and offering a spirit of hospitality and friendly service.

What advice do you have for someone new to the foodservice industry?

My advice would be to really understand every aspect of the business.  Immerse yourself in learning EVERYTHING you can.  I think it’s also very important to understand the financials of your business -- so you can never be fooled.  And then, most important, surround yourself with smart people who have hospitality in their hearts and who love serving and delighting others.

What does being an IFMA Silver Plate recipient mean to you?

It means more than I can convey and not just to me, alone.  It’s recognition of my entire team and of the remarkable work they do each day, improving the way people eat and the pleasures they find in quality food.

Also, this is very special for my family, and a privilege to share with my father and my brother John.  My father won this prestigious Award in ’79 and my brother in ’13.  I feel blessed by what the food service industry has given to all of us.

Join us at the 2017 IFMA Gold & Silver Plate Awards Celebration and help us in honoring Jeff Metz and the rest of the Silver Plate Recipients.