Bryce is a 2023 IFMA Education Foundation scholarship recipient. He attends Northern Arizona University and is studying Hotel and Restaurant Management. 


In Bryce’s own words: 

Through my studies, I plan to learn how to be a successful business owner as well as an efficient kitchen manager. My end goal going through this program is to graduate with my Bachelor's in Hotel and Restaurant Management along with a Certificate in Restaurant Ownership.  



This scholarship will help me reach my goals by assisting in paying for textbooks and school supplies such as a laptop. With this financial aid, I can focus more on studying than working to try to pay for my miscellaneous but necessary school expenses.  


My career goal is to focus entirely on owning and managing my own restaurant, where I can further grow my business and culinary skills. I can utilize the experience I have gained from working in local restaurants and my education at Northern Arizona University to be the best business owner and chef I can be.