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Columbus Vegetable Oils, a supplier of the highest quality oils, shortenings, sauces and dressings, is a privately held, fourth generation family business that started with modest roots in 1936. The headquarters in Des Plaines, Ill., and distribution center in Reno, Nev., comprise one of the largest oil processing operations in the country. 

Brands include Butcher Boy, Mike’s Brand, Sunrise Shortening, Nature’s Secret, Sorrento’s Olive Oil and Soaper’s Choice, in addition to servicing private label. The company is recognized by “The Women's Business Enterprise National Council” and holds the prominent SQF certification in food safety and quality – a testament to the commitment to source the highest-quality materials and conduct rigorous in-house laboratory testing. 

Frontier Food Group provides custom product solutions to food service chain restaurants with a focus on Beef, Pork and Poulty products. At Frontier Food Group, their difference is their focus for product development driven by your needs. That’s why they custom create center of plate proteins, appetizers, and specialty items to your requirements. They  want to help build your menu, enhance your supply chain and be an innovation partner for all your current and future goals.

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Heartland Food Products Group is a global leader in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, producing low-calorie sweeteners, coffee, coffee creamers and liquid water enhancers. Simply put, we make coffee, tea and water taste better. Their portfolio includes a variety of branded, licensed and private label products within multiple categories. They also provide strategic co-manufactured partnerships with many category leaders.

On the branded side of the business, they manufacture and market SPLENDA®, the #1 brand in the low-calorie sweetener (LCS) category and the most recognizable in the world. And they’re leading the charge in the quickly emerging cold brew coffee category with JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew Coffee, our 100% authentic cold brew handcrafted in small batches.

Where many great companies began in a garage or workshop, our CEO created Inno-Pak at a folding table in his basement. Similarly, "'while other companies think outside the box, we reinvented the box to perform better, be more sustainable, and customer friendly.”

Their way of thinking differently about the needs and challenges of the industries they serve is the source of their innovative spirit. It's how they’re able to provide you with the best customer service and the most innovative products whether that's tamper-evident packaging, sustainable solutions for your business, or cost-neutral innovations that enhance customers' experience with your food.

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MBC Companies is an industry-leading frozen breakfast platform producing French Toast Sticks & Bites, Pancakes, Waffles and Breakfast sandwiches. MBC's worldclass operations and production facilities have the capabilities to support the fastest growing categories in frozen breakfast through automation and innovation. We are keenly focused on developing and maintaining long standing relationships with key, private label retailers and food service customers.

Based in Rome, NY and Modesto, CA, with a global presence and servicing those in more than 70 countries, Sovena is one of the largest olive oil companies in the world, constantly inspiring people to eat healthier and tastier by using olive oil.  

Sovena is involved in every step of the supply chain and owns tens of thousands of olive groves worldwide. So far, Sovena has planted over 10 million trees, leaving their oil production with virtually no carbon footprint. They offers a full portfolio of edible oils including olive oils, blends, organic oils, high-volume frying oils and specialty oils.

Welcome IFMA's New Service Provider Members

At Brizo, we’re more than just a data provider. We're a beacon of market intelligence, offering unparalleled coverage and industry-leading data refresh rates. Our platform is meticulously designed to furnish businesses with rich, actionable insights for an in-depth understanding and analysis of the foodservice sector.

As the definitive source of truth in our industry, Brizo FoodMetrics propels strategic decision-making, streamlining prospecting, and providing unique intelligence unavailable elsewhere. We empower the new wave of foodservice professionals with essential tools and insights, fostering confidence in data-driven decisions.

Choose Brizo FoodMetrics. Harness the power of exceptional market intelligence to transform your approach, fostering growth and scalability in the dynamic foodservice landscape.

The Chilean Salmon Marketing Council (CSMC) is dedicated to promoting delicious, nutritious, responsibly raised Chilean salmon. The council is a U.S. based entity working to strengthen the reputation of Chilean salmon while increasing value and healthy growth for member companies. 

Chilean salmon is raised in the pure Antarctic waters of Patagonia, and the producers of Chilean salmon are stewards of that remarkable ecology. As the second-largest salmon producer in the world, the Chilean salmon industry brings a high quality, reliable supply of nutritious fish to market year-round. Chilean salmon producers are committed to the welfare of their salmon, employees, community, and the environment. We seek to be America’s favorite salmon and a first choice with consumers.

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The Polar Leasing story begins in 1995 when vendors from a local food festival requested a short term rental of a walk-in cooler.  Not much attention was given at the time, but when more vendors called the following year with the same request, an idea was born.

Polar Leasing has expanded the walk-in rental fleet to cover most of the United States and other parts of North America, offering both short and long term rentals to industries of all types. 

From the Olympics to a 6-month restaurant kitchen remodel, Polar Leasing delivers portable refrigeration to places never before possible. With the largest all-electric fleet of temporary refrigeration, Polar Leasing offers more than 80 distribution depots and adding more every quarter. 

Polar Leasing is a family-owned company, with three generations of refrigeration expertise; taking great pride in customer service, product quality and the reputation of our family name. 

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