Camryn Strickler was a 2022 IFMA Education Foundation scholarship recipient. She attended Kansas State University and studied Nutrition, Health & Dietetics.  


Camryn's story:  

I am studying to become a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). I chose this major because it combined my passion for health with my love of food.


After I graduate, I want to work in the school nutrition area of dietetics. I want to be on the preventative and educational side of dietetics. I believe that school nutrition is the best place for this as nutrition is very new to kids and creating healthy habits as well as informative food decisions during early ages is the best place to start.   


How the scholarship will help Camryn, in her own words: 

Thank you very much for this scholarship opportunity and your support in my academic career. This scholarship will help me in my endeavors to pursue a master’s degree and well as finish supervised practice/dietetic internship.  


Kirsten's  program: Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition , Health & Dietetics.  


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