Madison is a 2023 IFMA Education Foundation scholarship recipient. She attends Purdue University and is studying Hospitality & Tourism Management.  


In Madison’s own words:  

I decided to do my major because of my love for working with and helping people, as well as the industry overall. I love that every day is something different. 

My first job in foodservice was technically when I was a banquet server my sophomore year of college. I started at the hotel on campus and really loved what I was doing. I was recently promoted to banquet captain, to help lead the organization and the service at different events. 

Last summer I was a server at a brewery near my hometown, and I loved the atmosphere and hustle of the business. I really admired my manager that worked so hard, and that is what made me start to think about going into restaurants or foodservice in general. 

This scholarship will help me pursue a career in foodservice. It will allow me to start paying my student debt off sooner, and hopefully before graduation. That way when it comes to post-graduation jobs, I can look into more important aspects than just money.  

I have worked really hard to pay for myself through school and it's been my goal to leave debt free.  


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