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Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. is a dynamic agricultural biotechnology company that specializes in developing tree fruit varieties with exciting benefits for the entire supply chain. Their flagship products are Arctic® apple varieties that stay orchard-fresh longer than other pre-sliced, pre-packaged apples.

Arctic apple varieties have a beneficial trait that prevents apples from browning even when bitten, sliced or bruised. The unique nonbrowning trait in Arctic apples can offer advantages to every segment of the supply chain as growers, processors, foodservice, retailers, and consumers will all benefit from reducing unnecessary waste and improved product quality. The supply chain will profit from reduced shrink and enhanced eye-appeal, while consumers gain convenience, versatility, and a more appealing eating experience. Arctic apples are available in three varieties: Arctic® Goldens, Arctic® Grannys, and Arctic® Fujis. And more varieties are on the way!

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TreeHouse Foods, Inc. is a leading private label food and beverage manufacturer in North America. Their purpose is to engage and delight - one customer at a time. Through their customer focus and category experience, they strive to deliver excellent service and build capabilities and insights to drive mutually profitable growth for TreeHouse and for their customers. Their purpose is supported by investment in depth, capabilities and operational efficiencies which are aimed to capitalize on the long-term growth prospects in the categories in which they operate.

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