The IFMA College & University Foodservice Leadership Council consists of senior-level dining directors and administrators who are creating new insights and collaborative best practices to drive the community forward.

Comprised of individuals representing mostly self-operated institutions, this council of segment leaders is focused on addressing critical issues impacting the college and university community. Council members are working diligently to address key topics including changing student demands from Gen Z and Gen Alpha, optimizing relationships with suppliers, finding solutions in hiring, training and retaining talent, and building best practices in sustainability.

IFMA College & University Foodservice Leadership Council Members

  • Chair, Peter Testory, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Vice Chair, Betsy Helgesen, University of MN - Duluth
  • Second Vice Chair, Jeff Palmer, University of California - San Diego
  • Past Chair, Kenneth Toong, University of Massachusetts
  • Past Chair, Jill Horst, University of California - Santa Barbara
  • Chris Abayasinghe, Northeastern University
  • Zia Ahmed, The Ohio State University
  • Pat Bando, Boston College
  • Dustin Cutler, Cornell University
  • Janet Despard, Concordia University
  • Kevin D'Onofrio, SUNY - Cobleskill
  • Cheryl Fabrizi, Syracuse University
  • Gary Goldberg, Kent State
  • Shawn Hoch, NC State
  • Paul Houle, University of Colorado - Boulder
  • Kris Klinger, Boston University
  • Randy Lait, Industry Resource
  • Mary Molt, Kansas State University
  • Eric Montell, Stanford University
  • Ralph Perez-Rogers, SUNY - Delphi
  • Kirk Rodriguez, Texas Tech
  • Kory Samuels, RIT
  • Rahul Shrivastav, University of Indiana
  • Rafi Taherian, Yale University
  • Colleen Wright-Riva, University of Maryland

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