Sydney Burtovoy was a 2022 IFMA Education Foundation scholarship recipient. She attended Michigan State University and studied Food Science.  


Sydney's story:  

I was in my final semester of my undergraduate studies, of course, working toward a degree in food science and technology.  The past summer I interned at Sargento Foods in the research and development department. While there I learned about the food industry through one of the best foods out there, cheese!   


Last year, upon being introduced to the IFT College Bowl, I ended up spearheading a team at Michigan State. The Smartichokes and I even led the effort of hosting the Midwest Regional Competition. Although we did not win, we enjoyed the opportunity to work together to accomplish this goal.   


In addition to my extracurriculars activities, I was hired by Dr. Hooper in the Plant and Soil Sciences department to study pinto bean flours in order to optimize their use in food products. My presentation at URRAF won first place.  


When I graduated in December 2023, I returned to Sargento Foods as an Associate Product Developer. I am so excited to continue to grow and learn more about the food industry.  



How the scholarship will help Sydney, in her own words: 

Your generous gift g ave me confidence and courage to continue in my journey to becoming a food scientist. This generous donation signifies more time spent furthering my career that would normally be spent working to pay off my college tuition. Thank you again for helping me in my journey to become a food scientist.  


Sydney’s program: Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science  


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