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This collection of whitepapers addresses the challenges and opportunities Chain Operators face during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on the findings of Kinetic12 Consulting.

Whitepaper: The Restaurant of the Future 2.0

08.06.20 – How should manufacturers adapt to the evolution of off-premise, dine-in and simplification? IFMA’s latest whitepaper, written by Kinetic12 Consulting, offers 10 key focus areas to the Restaurant of the Future Model, including flexibility, portability, technology, footprint, sanitation, staffing and other key components. Read now.

Whitepaper: Post-Coronavirus Planning for Foodservice Manufacturers

05.15.20 - Now is the time to look forward and challenge how you go-to-market. IFMA’s latest whitepaper written by Kinetic12 Consulting, examines how manufacturers should approach, sell, support and partner with their top regional and national chain customers in our emerging post-crisis marketplace. The whitepaper provides a framework for a new Collaborative Selling Model that can lead to stronger relationships with customers and long-term business success in the post-COVID world.

Whitepaper: What’s Working and What Will Become Part of the New Normal

04.22.20 - Innovation, creativity and reinvention describe how operators are reacting to the COVID-19 crisis. IFMA’s latest whitepaper, written by Kinetic 12 Consulting, examines which of the new operator actions will stay with us and how they will change the industry. A few of the topics examined include how operators are communicating with their patrons and what they are saying; new back-of-house operational procedures; the use of technology; new employee programs; new financial management practices and operator’s interactions with suppliers. Read now.

Whitepaper: Coronavirus Impact on The Foodservice Industry

03.17.20 - The Foodservice Industry has been severely impacted by COVID-19. We want our members, operator partners, & the entire foodservice industry to know we are committed to providing you with the critical information you need to know to navigate these unprecedented times. In conjunction with Kinetic12 we surveyed the industry to understand their greatest concerns so the foodservice industry can better respond. Read now.