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The new IFMA Go-To-Market Planning Program, developed in partnership with Kinetic12 Consulting, builds solutions and tools that drive business action. The program is designed to address current go-to-market challenges, share best practices, build a deeper understanding of operator needs, and create tools that enable members to target, sell, and manage customers more effectively.

Since July 2020, a committee of nearly 30 leading foodservice manufacturers has met monthly to collaborate on go-to-market best practices. One of the first decisions of the newly formed committee was to decide on an initial topic. After much discussion, it was decided that the committee wanted to focus their initial efforts on better understanding how to integrate virtual operator engagement into the traditional foodservice selling process. 

How does a foodservice manufacturer, whose selling approach focused on putting food in a potential customer’s mouth, adapt to take advantage of new tools and technology?


Learn more about the Go-To-Market Planning Program and join an exclusive group of thought-leading companies that will help you navigate the go-to-market complexities of the foodservice industry.

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