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Food Future 2025 is the foodservice industry’s first comprehensive and interactive framework that provides an innovative look into the disruptive forces impacting the total food landscape.  The IFMA board of directors identified the need for new data and new models to better understand changing consumer needs, the evolution of operators, and new go-to-market strategies.

IFMA, in partnership with Kinetic 12, helped form three individual models – created by IFMA members –  that are interconnected and work cohesively together. This initiative will provide insight to help you make informed business decisions, take a proactive role to industry change, create relevant and effective growth strategies and ultimately to provide expertise to customers in order to help grow their business.

The New Operator Landscape Portal is now live and powered by Datassential. Through the portal, you can access the new Go-to-Market Model to gain insights into factors that influence an operator’s use of distribution channels and many other factors pivotal for manufacturers' growth strategies.

The third online model, The Consumer Food JourneySM will be available in November and set to release at IFMA's Presidents Conference.

For more information, please contact Charlie McConnell