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Kyrstie Ehm is a 2017 IFMA Education Foundation scholarship recipient. She attends Kansas State University and is majoring in Dietetics. Find out what she had to say when we asked her a few questions about her foodservice scholarship and future career.



What is your major & what made you decide on it?
My major is Dietetics. I have always been interested in nutrition. I took Nutrition as an elective my freshman year and found I had a true passion for the field. I have also been an athlete my whole life which further developed my interest. I would like to help others live a healthy lifestyle so I found Dietetics to be a perfect fit!

How has your scholarship enabled you to pursue a career in foodservice?
The scholarship has helped me further my education by helping me through my last year of supervised practice. Through this, I will be better prepared to pursue a career related to foodservice.

What was your first job in foodservice?
My first job related to foodservice was at Derby Dining Center, where I worked as a student server.

What would you say is your "dream job" after you graduate?
My dream job upon graduation would be to work as a Registered Dietitian at a University foodservice operation. I believe making healthy choices throughout college is important for students. My goal would be to help implement a nutrition program that educates students on the healthy options located within the dining center, as well as throughout campus.

What have you learned that you will apply to a career in foodservice?
I have learned a lot after working in foodservice for these past few years. I have a good understanding of what consistent, quality food looks like as well as how to communicate and manage employees within an operation.

What are some of the challenges students like you face in today's world of foodservice?
After managing other student employees for a few years, I think a major challenge is getting others to understand the importance of food safety and how it can impact others. i.e. changing gloves after you touch your hair.

Do you have mentor? How have they helped you?
All of the Operation Managers at Kramer Dining Center have been significant mentors to me. They are all strong leaders and have helped me further develop my leadership as well. They have helped me grow into a confident student manager.

What is your favorite meal?
My favorite meal would be anything consisting of Mexican food!

What companies have you worked at for internships?
I have had internships at HyVee and Kansas State University Athletics.

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