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Each month IFMA highlights the newest companies that make up our diverse membership community. 

Welcome IFMA's New Manufacturer Members

Tampa Maid Foods is in the business of sourcing, processing and marketing high-quality value-added food products from around the world to the foodservice and retail markets. Tampa Maid’s primary expertise is in coated products. They have world-class product development, as well as processing capabilities to coat seafood and farm-fresh products utilizing the full spectrum of available coating formulas. From breadcrumbs and cracker meals to flours and batters, as well as flavor-infused glazes, Tampa Maid specializes in making products that taste great and are easy to prepare.


Welcome IFMA's New Associate Members


Elohi Strategic Advisors is an integrated team of food & beverage industry experts focused on empowering companies to pioneer, develop, and innovate in foodservice. They provide leadership, strategy, and execution expertise across sales, marketing and product to start-ups and established co's in the foodservice industry. Whether you’re launching a new company, entering a new channel, or introducing a new product line, Elohi can develop the right strategic plan. They draw on experience, market dynamics, consumer insights, and your business goals to craft a thoughtful go-to-market strategy focused on execution.


FoodStory Brands is a company out of Phoenix, AZ that specializes in product development and speed-to-market solutions across food and beverage categories in the nation’s leading food retailers and ingredients channels. Brands included under the FSB umbrella are Fresh Cravings, Cocktail Artist, Vero Amore, Homestyle Harvest, Tasty, and Sweet Offerings. FoodStory Brands is passionate about finding and developing new food and beverage products with compelling brand ideas that bring the best food stories to life from real people and places.