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Each month we highlight the newest companies that make up IFMA's diverse membership community. This month Concord Foods, National Turkey Federation and RTi joined IFMA. Read on to learn about their background and specialty.



Concord Foods 

Concord Foods, a leading food manufacturer in Massachusetts since 1968, serves the foodservice, retail and industrial sectors. We have a wide range of products and leading edge capabilities, supplying several of the largest food manufacturers and chain restaurants in the United States. As one of the largest private manufacturers of caramel in the United States, we have developed caramels for every application.

We have three core Food Service product categories:

Beverage Sauces & Syrups- For milkshakes, coffee flavoring, ice blended beverages & espresso bar offerings. Flavors include chocolate (dark, milk, white), caramel, real fruit and chai tea bases

Dessert Sauces & Toppings- Toppings for ice cream/desserts include chocolate, butterscotch, caramel, hot fudge and fruits. Specialty toppings include marshmallow, peanut butter

Custom Dry Blended Mixes- From a brownie batter mix-in formulated for ice cream shakes to bases for ice blended cappuccinos & smoothies to savory dry blended, we can provide the solution


Our R&D department is one of our strongest assets. Teams are organized into specialist groups devoted to a specific sector, leveraging experience across foodservice, retail and industrial applications to commercialize products from concept to final production. We can:

  • Solve problems with flavoring systems
  • Develop innovative new LTO concepts
  • Support clean label conversions
  • Match existing product specification (ex. supplier consolidations to enable efficiencies)
  • Create custom product formulations


We look forward to better understanding your needs, objectives and priorities on the path to becoming one of your valued strategic suppliers.




National Turkey Federation 

For more than 75 years of its history, the National Turkey Federation (NTF) has served as the national advocate for the turkey farmer and processors—representing their point of view to Congress and federal agencies.  NTF also tracks trends and identifies challenges unfolding in the public, legislative, regulatory, and news media that could potentially impact the entire industry. NTF’s professional staff helps members successfully bridge an understanding between the public and the producer. 

Through its ServeTurkey website and social media platforms, NTF's project serving up Today's Turkey® engages influential restaurant chefs and registered dietitians with turkey as the unexpected choice for consumers seeking flavorful, lean and nutritious protein.  These professionals - tops in their fields - advise NTF and share their take on choice turkey recipes and flavors for the consuming public to eat healthy and deliciously.

NTF represents growers, processors, hatchers, breeders, distributors, allied services and state associations. NTF is found at EatTurkey.com, on Twitter @TurkeyGal and on Facebook as Turkey. The Perfect Protein® 


RTi provides advisory services that empower our clients with technical knowledge necessary to achieve sustainable cost savings, mitigate risk and optimize their procurement system. Our deep domain expertise in the plastic and paper markets and proprietary process delivers total transparency to the value chain economics from raw materials through packaging conversion.  RTi has real-time transactional visibility into over 20 billion lbs. of resin annually, which ensures our experts know the true market low price for every resin type, on a global basis, every day.  RTi has 20 years of experience serving some of the largest companies in the world.