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Make the most of your job listings on IFMA Foodverse, by creating a listing that positions your opportunity and company to attract the best possible candidates.



As the first thing people read, use the job title to describe your opportunity by including key information and increase the level of interest.

Examples of effective job titles:

  • “National Director of Foodservice Sales at Acme Food Corp.”
  • “Director of Consumer Insights at Acme Food Corp.”

These descriptions provide a wealth of information in just the first glance that will help candidates decide if their preference or situation matches the opportunity.

Job titles to avoid:

  • “Associate” – Some candidates think an associate position is for an assistant and you may get applications from unqualified individuals.
  • “Vice President” – This title on its own is not very descriptive. Add in details that describes the requirements, its core values or work environment such as “Vice President of Sales, Eastern Region”



Make your job opportunity stand out from the others so that candidates will want to know more!

Examples of what to include in your listing:

  • Responsibilities and expectations of the position.
  • The anticipated work schedule. Flexible schedules are particularly desirable so include if you allow them.
  • Opportunities for career advancement or options to develop new professional skills.
  • Benefits and salary range, even a wide range is appropriate to include.



This is your moment to shine and market your company as a desirable place to work. What you take pride in as an owner or employer should be reflected here.

  • Company philosophy or mission.
  • Any equipment on site or special procedures that are performed that would be of interest to a candidate.
  • Description of the staff and culture.
  • Description of the work environment, especially if it has recently been renovated.
  • Include why your location is a desirable place to live and bring a family. Focus on the aspects that make your location a community.



This is typically the last section candidates read so only specific information should be included:

  • Educational degrees or certifications required.
  • Desired years of experience.



  • Read through a variety of job listings on IFMA Foodverse to get an idea of what makes an interesting posting and incorporate those ideas into your listing.
  • Using an email contact in your ad may result in SPAM since everyone can see it! Applications will automatically come to the email or URL you entered when setting up your IFMA Careers in Food account when the “Apply Now” button is clicked.
  • Proof-read your ad for accuracy and have someone else read it to check for errors in punctuation and grammar before posting.
  • Avoid run-on paragraphs with lots of text. Separate sections of text so it is easy to read. This also makes it more mobile friendly.
  • Make every word count and put the most important information first.
  • Think like a candidate: Would you apply to your job after reading your post?
  • Update and revise the posting as often as needed.
  • Include a web address and upload a company logo.


Finding the right candidate for your opportunity can be vital to the success of your business. Make sure you start the candidate search on the right foot by using your posting to its full advantage.

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