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For the first time ever, the Consumer Food JourneySM is mapped out and made available as an online resource through the new IFMA ScopeSM online portal.  

How consumers decide where and how to get their next meal is not a linear process. It is a journey influenced by triggers, need states, and occasions.

IFMA surveyed 15,000 consumers over a 12-month period to gain the insights and data needed to understand the nuances of at-home and away-from-home food and beverage decisions. 

With this new tool at your fingertips, you can now:

  • Share unique consumer insights with strategic customers
  • Enhance product development ideation
  • Gain deep consumer understanding for strategic planning

12-Month Enhanced Access Subscription

IFMA Members have access to all topline data and insights of the Consumer Food JourneySM as a benefit of membership.

For enhanced insights, data filtering and export capabilities, IFMA is offering members 12-month company-wide subscription access at an introductory rate:

  • IFMA Manufacturer Members - $2,999
  • IFMA Associate Members - $4,999

Enhanced access provides Member companies with data and insights into:

  • Triggers - The impulse that activate the consumer decision to eat.
  • Needs - The range of motivations consumers consider when forming their food and beverage decisions.
  • Occasions - The situations consumers face when making their eating decisions.

Non-IFMA members, enhanced access to the Consumer Food JourneySM is available for $9,999. For more information, contact, Charlie McConnell at Charlie@IFMAworld.com.

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