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How consumers decide where and how to get their next meal is not a linear process. It is a journey influenced by triggers, need states, and occasions. For the first time ever, the Consumer Food Journey® maps how consumers decide where and how they get their next meal. The resource is available exclusively through the IFMA ScopeSM online portal.

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Fresh New Data!

IFMA's game-changing resource is continually refreshed with brand new consumer data and features. The new data allows companies to have a clearer understanding of food procurement decision-making processes since Covid-19 began.



The updated tool features the industry's freshest data on both at-home and away from home food and beverage consumption. Additionally, we have added a new How To Guide that makes using the Consumer Food Journey even easier!


Armed with new insights, companies can work with their strategic customers to help their brand become part of a consumer’s consideration set at key times of the decision-making journey. Instead of guessing when to intercept a consumer, now they can find the optimal time and increase the likelihood of success.


Full access to the Consumer Food Journey online resource allows users to:

  • Access brand new data that captures the emerging eating decisions that consumers are making since Covid-19 began.
  • Understand the role of delivery and how it relates to the triggers and occasions that drive consumers’ decision-making process.
  • Learn when and where to “intercept” a consumer’s decision-making path and how to influence their final decision.
  • Filter the data to detail the decisions of women, GenZ, Hispanics and 29 other demographic profiles.
  • Use the brand new How to Guide that walks the user through how to use the online Consumer Food Journey data and resource.

IFMA is continually surveying 2,500 consumers every three months to gain the insights and data needed to understand the nuances of at-home and away-from-home food and beverage purchasing decisions.

12-Month Full-Access Subscription

IFMA Members have access to all topline data and insights of the Consumer Food Journey® as a benefit of membership.

For enhanced insights, data filtering and export capabilities, IFMA is offering members 12-month company-wide subscription access at an introductory rate:

  • IFMA Manufacturer Members - $2,999
  • IFMA Associate Members - $4,999

Enhanced full access provides Member companies with data and insights into:

  • Triggers - The impulse that activate the consumer decision to eat.
  • Needs - The range of motivations consumers consider when forming their food and beverage decisions.
  • Occasions - The situations consumers face when making their eating decisions.

Non-IFMA members, full access to the Consumer Food Journey® is available for $9,999. For more information, contact, Charlie McConnell at Charlie@IFMAworld.com.

To purchase full access to the Consumer Food Journey®, please fill out the form below and you will receive an invoice within the next 2 business days. Your account will become active upon invoicing.  


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