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Foodservice Category Management Updates from 2014 Presidents Conference

Foodservice category management is not a faddish "one-hit wonder"; it is here to stay. It's a very effective operational approach that leverages strategic insights as supply chain partners collaboratively work together to co-create value. In piloting, Full Plate™ best-practice processes generated 20% sales growth.

Posted by IFMA May 13, 2015
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Foodservice in Grocery – a Profitable and Fast Growing Segment

A historical perspective of the grocery industry in general and how foodservice offerings on the perimeter of stores explains how the changing landscape for this channel came to be today. As such, grocery stores will continue to emphasize foodservice as a profitable, fast-growth area, which can provide unique and compelling offerings to consumers. This Executive Summary from a presentation given at IFMA's Presidents Conference describes where grocers are winning while also outlining other important projections about the future of foodservice in grocery.

Posted by IFMA May 20, 2015
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The Private Equity Factor in Foodservice

Atlanta-based Roark Capital Group invests in consumer-facing restaurant and retail concepts, direct marketing companies and companies in the environmental services industry. It has over $3 billion in assets under management. Roark's 17 restaurant brands include those in the Focus Group family headed by Steve DeSutter. All told, Roark's 12,000 restaurant units serve 2 million meals a day and generate $10 billion in annual sales. About 2,500 of the units are owned and operated by Roark; the rest are franchised.

Posted by IFMA May 21, 2015
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Operators on Driving Consumer Demand

Consumers have become more knowledgeable about the food they eat, and are increasingly interested in doing business with companies in all industries, including foodservice, who share their values and are part of their community. They also care a great deal about experiences and value. Therefore, creating demand in the future will still be about the basics of food, service, and cleanliness, but will increasingly be about experiences and choices.

Posted by IFMA July 18, 2014
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Post MSLF Webinar: Utilizing Insights to Form Relevant Strategies

Developing data into insights can be challenging, and using those insights to inform action can prove to be even more difficult. Tim Hand, Partner at The Partnering Group, provided his perspective on best practices in these areas during his webinar titled “Utilizing Insights to Form Relevant Strategies”.

Posted by IFMA September 14, 2015
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