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How Google Serves as a Guide to Manage Substantial Change in the Foodservice Industry

The foodservice industry is at a tipping point of massive change that is coming over the next five years and will dramatically affect how manufacturers, operators and distributors conduct business for decades to come. At IFMA’s 53rd Annual Presidents Conference, one executive from Google will provide insights on how the tech leader has reacted to rapid change, and the importance of anticipating transformation.

Posted by October 05, 2015
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Cinnabon, Ground Round, Wolfgang Puck, Others see new ways to do Business and Increase Foodservice Sales

Six executives representing some of the most recognizable operator brands in the U.S. cited new channels such as supermarkets and social media marketing innovations as reasons to be bullish on the foodservice industry for the next several years. Operators also see value in collaboration with suppliers as a means to better satisfy customers and achieve improved business results. Hiring foodservice employees will continue to be a challenge for the industry which requires creating a culture that people want to be a part of.

Posted by IFMA May 12, 2015
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Foodservice Category Management Updates from 2014 Presidents Conference

Foodservice category management is not a faddish "one-hit wonder"; it is here to stay. It's a very effective operational approach that leverages strategic insights as supply chain partners collaboratively work together to co-create value. In piloting, Full Plate™ best-practice processes generated 20% sales growth.

Posted by IFMA May 13, 2015
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Post MSLF Webinar: Utilizing Insights to Form Relevant Strategies

Developing data into insights can be challenging, and using those insights to inform action can prove to be even more difficult. Tim Hand, Partner at The Partnering Group, provided his perspective on best practices in these areas during his webinar titled “Utilizing Insights to Form Relevant Strategies”.

Posted by IFMA September 14, 2015
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Foodservice in Grocery – a Profitable and Fast Growing Segment

A historical perspective of the grocery industry in general and how foodservice offerings on the perimeter of stores explains how the changing landscape for this channel came to be today. As such, grocery stores will continue to emphasize foodservice as a profitable, fast-growth area, which can provide unique and compelling offerings to consumers. This Executive Summary from a presentation given at IFMA's Presidents Conference describes where grocers are winning while also outlining other important projections about the future of foodservice in grocery.

Posted by IFMA May 20, 2015
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