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What Organizations Using Category Management Have Learned

More than 100 foodservice professionals from major manufacturers, distributors, and brokers have already been trained in Category Management Full Plate™, and pilot programs are underway.  A few initial learnings from these pilots include...Click to read more.

Posted by IFMA June 16, 2014
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5 Groundbreaking Foodservice Initiatives

A lot was covered at Presidents Conference 2013. Take a look at the agenda and registration list for more information on the many learning and collaboration opportunities of which attendees took advantage. In case you missed it, read on for a list of five new industry-wide initiatives, introduced by Dawn Sweeney (NRA), Larry Oberkfell (IFMA) and Mark Allen (IFDA) directed to win back the consumer for foodservice.

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Posted by IFMA November 05, 2013
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Welcome to the Foodservice Category Management Community!

Thank you for being part of the Foodservice Category Management Community! Read on for tips on how to take advantage of this resource page.

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Posted by IFMA July 24, 2012
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Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum 2013: Foodservice Category Management Executive Summary

Category management is a data-driven, collaborative process where distributors and manufacturers work together to develop strategies to grow specific categories, by satisfying operators and consumers. The concept of category management isn't new, but with a new business paradigm focused on supply chain efficiency and with access to an unprecedented level of data, the time for foodservice category management is now. Download an executive summary from Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum 2013 to learn more. 

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Posted by IFMA November 12, 2013
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