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IFMA & Foodable TV’s NRA Show Media Stage Drove Industry Insights

IFMA’s partnership with Foodable Network—a foodservice based media organization that is focused on editorial video content—was launched at this year’s NRA Show with an on-floor media stage. More than 20 interviews highlighting key industry hot topics were addressed including several that were live-streamed.

Posted by May 26, 2017
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Latest Consumer Trends Report Answers All Five “W” Questions

With the constantly changing foodservice landscape, fully understanding the consumer food journey and its trends has never been more critical to the success of both the manufacturers and operators. The IFMA Consumer Planning Program (CPP) was formed, in partnership with Datassential, to delve deeper into the consumer mindset. IFMA has just released its eagerly anticipated annual consumer study.

Posted by February 22, 2017
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The DNA of a Limited Time Offer: What makes them "stick"?

Restaurant dining guests are “activity rich” and “time poor.”  They lead busy, frenetic, fast-paced, complex lives.  They’re stretched, they’re stressed, they’re tired and they don’t want to put any more effort into making a decision about what they want to eat any more than they have to. Enter the solution...

Posted by Laura Everly, IFMA February 02, 2017
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Consumers Fear Unprounouncables

Consumers are becoming more conscientious about what they purchase when dining away from home, triggering demand for products that are free-from unpronouncables, typically additive and preservative ingredients. As part of the Consumer Planning Program, IFMA and Datassential survey nearly 12,000 consumers about their foodservice purchases and preferences on a variety of topics, including “free-from”, in order to gain understanding of consumer concerns and how manufacturers can alleviate them. 

Posted by Julie Heseman, IFMA + Adrienne Nadeau, Datassential
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Foodservice at Home is Just Beginning to Reach its Potential--Really

Although it may seem as if the market is saturated with options, it is only just beginning to reach its potential. Consumers crave convenience, affordability, and they increasingly value the luxury of enjoying a restaurant-quality meal in their home. IFMA and Datassential examine the growth and potential of foodservice at home.

Posted by Julie Heseman & Adrienne Nadeau August 22, 2016
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