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Suppliers and Operators Gain “Actionable” Value from COEX 2015

With a majority of attendees saying IFMA's 2015 Chain Operator Exchange (COEX) Conference was the best yet, several who participated in the show will now be looking to apply what they learned into everyday field use. View a series of videos covering highlights from this year's conference. Learn more about which best-practice initiatives covered at COEX are most applicable to your business.  

Posted by IFMA March 23, 2015
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Leadership Panel: Building a Winning Team

It has been said that the customer isn’t always right, yet must always be heard. The same is true of all key stakeholders. Restaurant chain leaders face a complex job in balancing the needs of multiple constituent groups and fostering the degree of communication and collaboration among them that is necessary for innovation and strategy execution. Leaders from five national and regional chain operators provided their insights on this topic at IFMA COEX 2015.

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Key Themes in Effective Foodservice Operator / Manufacturer Collaboration

Effective collaboration in the foodservice industry takes close communication that focuses on keeping partners abreast of the information they need. It takes understanding, to see the business needs and incentives of all parties. And it requires trust, a belief that the other party will make good on its promises. At IFMA COEX 2015, three panels focused on the importance of collaboration between operators and foodservice manufacturers: Collaboration in Culinary, Collaboration in Marketing and Collaboration in Supply Chain/Operations.

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Key Themes in Effective Foodservice Operator / Manufacturer Excellence

Ideally, everyone in the restaurant business aspires to excellence.
But what excellence means in various functional areas differs, and the challenges that professionals face as they aspire to excellence reflects a balancing act: Culinarians must create menu items that engage customers, reflect their brand identity, and can be delivered on. In marketing, excellence requires staying true to the brand and ensuring the brand stays relevant to consumers. In supply chain management, cost-effective and seamless delivery of what is needed when it is needed is an element of excellence. Learn what industry experts serving both regional and chain operators  in a variety of job functions emphasized at IFMA COEX 2015.

Posted by IFMA May 01, 2015
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Operator/Manufacturer Collaboration Model

Many operators and manufacturers wish there was some commonality or level of standardization in their conversations. This theme emerged as IFMA began its comprehensive strategic planning process a year and a half ago. In response, the strategic plan called for creation of the Operator/Manufacturer Collaboration Model (OCM). An OCM Committee finished the first phase of its work and presented their findings at IFMA COEX 2015. Learn what OCM Committee Members Bill McClellan from Dawn Foods and Rachel Rushing from Dave & Buster's presented. 

Posted by IFMA May 01, 2015
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