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IFMA Chain Operators EXchange (COEX) 2015 Executive Summary Series

Everyone who attended IFMA COEX 2015 in Las Vegas was abuzz about the number 32. Why? Because Smashburger Founder & Chief Concept Officer Tom Ryan announced during his keynote presentation that "to stay relevant on an ongoing basis, brands must maintain the mindset of a 32-year old." He then went on to describe two other reasons his chain is achieving substantial and profitable growth. Tom Ryan's keynote address and several other powerful presentations are covered as part of the 2015 IFMA Chain Operators EXchange (COEX) Executive Summary Series. 

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Beyond the Inflection Point: Looking Ahead at the Consumer to Come

Executives in foodservice and other consumer-facing businesses need to be watching not just trends in their industry but trends in society at large. Societal trends have the potential to dramatically disrupt today’s market dynamics, bringing new opportunities to forward-thinking market players. While addressing attendees at IFMA's 2015 Chain Operators EXchange event, J. Walker Smith of the the Futures Company outlined five important inflection points on the horizon, heralding societal changes rooted in demographic shifts and technological advances.

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Leadership Panel: Building a Winning Team

It has been said that the customer isn’t always right, yet must always be heard. The same is true of all key stakeholders. Restaurant chain leaders face a complex job in balancing the needs of multiple constituent groups and fostering the degree of communication and collaboration among them that is necessary for innovation and strategy execution. Leaders from five national and regional chain operators provided their insights on this topic at IFMA COEX 2015.

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Disruptive Concepts and the Next Generation of Consumers

Tom Ryan, Smashburger founder and chief concept officer, delivered a keynote address at IFMA's 2015 Chain Operators EXchange (COEX). His insights covered the importance of innovation in the restaurant industry, as well as the principles and thought processes that Smashburger has used to win customers in
the emerging fast casual market.

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Key Themes in Effective Foodservice Operator / Manufacturer Collaboration

Effective collaboration in the foodservice industry takes close communication that focuses on keeping partners abreast of the information they need. It takes understanding, to see the business needs and incentives of all parties. And it requires trust, a belief that the other party will make good on its promises. At IFMA COEX 2015, three panels focused on the importance of collaboration between operators and foodservice manufacturers: Collaboration in Culinary, Collaboration in Marketing and Collaboration in Supply Chain/Operations.

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