Supermarket Report Provides Insight Into a Growing Channel

Posted by IFMA July 09, 2013

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The newest report from Datassential focuses on the supermarket channel. Based on interviews with over 2,000 consumers and 70 operators, this research is a comprehensive analysis of ALL areas of Supermarket Prepared Foods including visitation/traffic, menu offerings, purchasing habits, pricing and promotions, packaging and branding, venue and equipment and supplier relations. IFMA Members receive a special discount or bundle this report with the 2012 C-Store Report. for even more savings.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • Supermarket operators expect their prepared food departments to continue to grow in the next two years with the strongest growth expected for the hot counter, grab-and-go area and self-service bakery. Operators have been seeing growth and profitability across all dayparts and across many different menu items.  Consumers have been increasing how frequently they purchase grocery store prepared foods with over one-third buying prepared foods more often. Heavy prepared food/beverage buyers are buying even more often than shoppers overall with 61% buying prepared items more often.
  • 78% of operators are looking to drive traffic during off-peak times and snacking is an area that all foodservice segments are paying attention to.  Consumers are interested in snacking items from supermarket prepared food departments, but they are not seeing offerings that appeal. The obvious opportunity is to help your supermarket customers realize they need to offer smaller or hand-held portion sizes and use dollar or special snack menus during non-peak times.

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