Teri Trullinger, Group Vice President Sales, Cargill Foodservice

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Describe your position/role (in your words).

As part of being responsible and accountable for meeting the overall goals of the Cargill Foodservice business, I have regular engagement and interaction with customers to ensure alignment. I invest in the development of our sales team, recognize high performance and make sure the team is fully engaged.

If your career was a greatest hits album, what would its title be? 

Change, Change, Change.

What do your customers appreciate most about your company? 

Quality products, alignment on goals, expertise provided throughout Cargill, a team of fully engaged, solutions focused sales professionals.

Share a story about your first job in foodservice. 

My first job in foodservice was in a small town in southern Minnesota where I was a carhop at a local diner. Great summer job.

In 2020, what do you think the foodservice industry will be like? 

More consolidation on both the manufacturing and distributor side of the business.  Huge advancements in technology

What is your advice to a person new to the industry? 

Stay focused on the job at hand, work hard and good things will come your way.

What industry challenge keeps you up at night? 

Food Safety, Food Security, disease outbreaks in animals.

 If you had to describe IFMA in just three words, what would they be? 

Resourceful, Informative, collaborative.

How does being an IFMA Member benefit you? 

Opportunity to change/improve the industry.

What is your favorite sports team? 

I love all of the Minnesota Teams; Vikings, Twins, Wild, Timberwolves & Lynx

How do you give back to your community? 

Through my church and serving meals at the local Ronald McDonald houses. I also participate in charity work through Cargill.


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Dec 07

Strategic Issues Series Webinar

Meal Kits: What Do They Mean for Foodservice?

Time: 1:00-2:00pm CST               CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW


Refreshing the Operator/Manufacturer Relationship

Working together to become mutually successful should be a no-brainer. It’s all about communication, or in today’s business world, collaboration. It’s vital to eliminate those road blocks and speak the same language. Bill McClellan, Vice President, Foodservice at Dawn Foods shares his passion on the best practice for operator collaboration and how Dawn Foods has benefited from applying this new model. 

How Third-Party Supply Chain Solutions Are Impacting the Industry

Engaging a third-party supply chain solution brings efficiency and resources for operators. A full-service supply chain company can leverage buying power for their customers while offering expert execution within a shorter window of time. Learn more about how these types of businesses are impacting the industry.

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Each month we highlight the newest companies that make up IFMA's diverse membership community. This month's new members are Chicken of the Sea Int'l, High Liner Foods and PadillaCRT. Read on to learn about their background and specialty.

Simon Marshall, President, Unilever Food Solutions North America, Receives IFMA’s Distinguished Foodservice Executive Award

CHICAGO, March 30 2016—In tribute to his dedication to the foodservice industry and his service on the IFMA Board of Directors, The International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) awarded its Distinguished Foodservice Executive Award to Simon Marshall of Unilever Food Solutions. Marshall is the fifth person to receive this award in IFMA's 63-year history. This award was established to honor executives who have made outstanding contributions to the foodservice industry and have served on the IFMA Board of Directors.

Consumer Planning Program Trendtastic Webinar

This is an exclusive consumer trend webinar available to 2015 CPP members.  The webinar,  hosted by IFMA and Datassential's Jack Li, presented consumer trends that have not been covered by CPP research. 

Consumer Planning Program Protein & HMR 2.0

IFMA and Datassential's Jack Li present a series of webinars for 2015 CPP members who have access to the 2014 CPP report. The webinar series will cover all topics from the 2014 CPP report, including occasions, eater types, deep dives, and micro reports. This webinar focused on the Protein & HMR 2.0 Micro Reports.

The Flavor of Change

At the July Board Meeting, we invited culinarians to attend a special R&D Session. David Kamen of the CIA presented some data on the retail sector as the fastest growing food service segment, and some of the trends that are predicted to be impactful in that segment such as clean label, hand hold able, whole grain, etc.


Crave-ability, SCORES, and SNAP

At the July Board Meeting on July 21st, Jack Li from Datassential made a presentation on a look at the types of foods and beverages consumers want, based on SCORES™ concept ratings for every new major chain item & LTO.  Plus a look at SNAP™, a new tool that enables anyone to access the insights they need through a single, simple search box.



Data Theft is Rampant - Don’t be the Next Data Breach Statistic

At the July Board Meeting on July 21st, Jeff Schroeder & John Bianchini from Bluefin Payment Systems made a presentation on data theft and how Bluefin’s payment solutions strike the perfect balance of meeting customer demands for paying anytime, anywhere, with the security that allows your Executive team to sleep at night.


IFMA July Board of Directors Presentation

The second meeting of the 2015 Board of Directors was held on July 20th - 21st at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. See what was discussed.