Eric S. Hetrick, Vice President, Global P&G Professional

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Describe your position/role (in your words)?

I'm responsible for leading our P&G Professional business around the globe.

If your career was a greatest hits album, what would its title be?

I'm not sure, perhaps: "Around the World." Over my 28 years with P&G, I've lived in eight locations in four different countries. My work has taken me to more than 70 countries with roles in P&G's retail and professional businesses.

What is your industry passion?

My favorite part of my job is bringing innovation to the industry. Whether bringing new product innovation, equipment innovation or service innovation, we at P&G Professional try to challenge the status quo and help our customers create an outstanding experience for their patrons.

In 2020, what do you think the foodservice industry will be like?

Just as we've seen change over the last decade with consolidation and changes in how to best reach consumers, I think this will continue as the consumer refines their palate. Cleanliness will continue to become more important in the consumers' eyes, both in terms of what they can experience with visual and sensorial cues, and the importance of relying on food they know has been prepared safely.

What is your advice to a person new to the industry?

Learn from whatever role you have and become the best that you can. Test to insure you have a passion for what you are doing and what lies ahead and feed on that passion to drive your success.

In your opinion, what is the best industry event?

I'm quite partial to our sponsorship of One Night Only held in Chicago every year for obvious reasons. But I think IFMA does an outstanding job at providing venues for learning and positive interaction between suppliers and customers like COEX and Presidents Conference.

Name a challenge that may be of concern to the industry.

Over time, commoditization is the enemy. Manufacturers and Customers need to work together to create unique experiences for restaurant patrons that drive profitable sales.

If you had to describe IFMA in just three words, what would they be?

Committed, Engaged, Visionary

How does being an IFMA Member benefit you?

IFMA helps keep us in touch with industry trends and helps us work to create the future of foodservice.

Finally, give us a shameless plug. Don't hold back!

At P&G Professional, we believe every experience counts. We strive to provide branded products like Dawn, Comet, Mr. Clean, and Spic 'n Span that deliver outstanding results and in-use experience. We help our customers create a clean environment that keeps their patrons coming back. We believe that if customers desire to create a noticeably cleaner facility then we are the perfect partner for them.


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