Foodservice Fundamentals

The foodservice industry is evolving. Get an updated understanding of how by attending the new Foodservice Fundamentals

Once just for those new to foodservice, the 2017 program focuses on operators and consumers (those creating and driving demand) and is a foundational training for anyone who wants to understand the new landscape of foodservice and learn how to be more consumer-centric and operator-focused. During this one-day program, attendees will learn about:

    • Foodservice industry basics
    • Trading partner dynamics, including GPOs and Distributors
    • Segment and channel nuances
    • Foodservice consumer eater types
    • Consumer occasions and how they drive decisions
    • Relevant menu and flavor trends and the menu adoption cycle

Attendees will also receive a laminated copy of the Foodservice Landscape (and instruction on how to use) and a hard copy of the presentation.

Come interact, network and learn. No other training program provides these new relevant and actionable insights like IFMA's Foodservice Fundamentals! 

Unable to attend the scheduled dates? IFMA can bring Foodservice Fundamentals to you! Same full program agenda, delivered on-site at your company. For full onsite training details or additional information contact Becky Conroy at

What People are Saying About Foodservice Fundamentals

“I attended the IFMA Foodservice Fundamentals program when I transitioned from my Retail Brand Management role to a Foodservice Marketing Role at my company.  It was a fantastic session, providing great foundational knowledge about the dynamic and complex world of foodservice.  I highly recommend it for anyone new to foodservice or someone looking for a refresher course.”

-Susan Matthews, Sr. Customer Marketing Manager at McCain Foods USA, Inc.

“I attended after transitioning into my new role within Foodservice Marketing. The course was tremendously helpful to me, as someone new to foodservice, as the instructors spent time in helping the attendees understand the terminology that is use and why it is important to my role.”

-Craig Yoder, Foodservice Product Manager, Johnsonville Sausage

Who Attends: 

  • Employees who want to learn about foodservice, wish to be more collaborative with their operator customers, understand coming trends that will spark innovation and drive demand through foodservice, including (but not limited to) sales, marketing, market research, advertising, promotions, operations personnel and anyone else who help the rubber meet the road.

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