Boyd Jordon Speaks to Small/Midsized Businesses about Category Management, Consolidation & Customers

Posted by IFMA February 11, 2014

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Every month, IFMA's Small & Midsized Business (SMB) community hosts a discussion with industry experts, trading partners or operator customers. On January 23, 2014, Boyd Jordon, president of Reinhart Foodservice and industry veteran, shared his views on the changing foodservice landscape and how SMBs can better work with Reinhart in 2014 and beyond. The following is a transcript of the call.

Mike Cannon: Hello and welcome to the monthly SMB call. Today we are pleased to introduce Boyd Jordan with Reinhart Foodservice. Boyd joined Reinhart Foodservice in 1982 as a street sales representative and then held a number of sales management positions in Reinhart's La Crosse and Shawano, Wis. divisions before taking on the role of Reinhart's corporate director of sales in 1986. From there he assumed responsibility as division president for the company's Milwaukee, Wis. Distribution Center which he held for 15 years.  In 2003, Boyd was named president of Reinhart Corporate.

Today the company has over 5,200 associates and 31 distribution centers and is the fifth largest foodservice distributor in the country. Boyd is responsible for oversight of all 31 Reinhart Distribution Centers, as well as senior leadership team direction for Sales, Warehouse and Transportation departments.  

SMB Community: What are Reinhart's top three business goals in 2014 and how can SMBs help Reinhart achieve those goals?

Boyd Jordan (BJ): Like everyone, we are trying to figure out the economy, but we are fairly bullish for 2014. Our plans are to increase street business. We saw 6/5% organic case growth last year and are looking for the same this year. Our focus is on LLOs and healthcare, and we are passionate about helping our customers with menu engineering. We have added resources so our sales staff are more like consultants to the independent restaurateur. SMBs would benefit by connecting to our local operating divisions because each are a bit different, and although we are working on standardizing to some extent, many decisions are made at the local level because they know the market best. 

SMB:  How has Category Management affected your business with manufacturers? With operators? What has worked and what needs to be improved?

BJ:  Category Management is still new in our industry. Reinhart will be working on this, but you need a directed team to focus on what "catman" means. What some of our competitors have done has had a positive impact on our business, because customers still want to have selection and choice and we are more flexible at the local level on providing that. We all know that an efficient assortment is the most profitable, so manufacturers and distributors will need to work together and figure out what that assortment should be in the future.

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